Dat Waskilly Trawis, San Fwancisco, 1974 

WASKILLY WABBIT WEDUX:  January 2022 to... the End of the World as We Know It? 


 Our ninth anniversary:  January 21, 2022

My loves  

Real homecooked dinner at Elizabeth Huffman’s borrowed penthouse

Spring in Griffith Park: T'ain’t over ‘til it’s over, I guess

May, 2022:  Lovely day with Ken Sawyer and David Burnham and... 

... incredible new headshots by the remarkable Ken!

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”    — Orson Welles  

A lovely breakfast with the brilliant Jessica Kubzansky; June 2022 

Sweet catch-up at Marco Polo with my pal Gregory Franklin 

Lovely to have our dear friend Hershey Felder back in LA from Florence to appear in his Chopin… and to top that getting to bring along Michael Michetti and introduce two worldclass creative geniuses I couldn’t admire more

They like me! They really, REALLY like me! 

At the world premiere of Roger Q. Mason's amazing LAVENDER MEN at the Skylight with Roger, Jennifer Leigh Warren, and Michael Shepperd; August 2022

DOUBLE-DOUBLE: On the town with Addie Daddio

At the opening of Lucia and the LA

Opera Ball with Francine Markow 

There once was a feller named Gany
Who let an old man love his fanny.
His hair went away,
While his boyfriend went gray,
Which just proves that fate is uncanny.

An afternoon at Antaeus with special friends and LA theatre royalty:  Anne Gee Byrd and our own Lunt & Fontanne, Harry Groener and Dawn Didiwick


Pre-1946? Ask me sometime.