Travis, 1967 


Memories of the First 50 Years: 1946 - 1996


October, 1946:  And in the beginning...

Little Mikey Holder's first visit with Santa at Marshall Field's in Chicago, 1948

Little Lord Mike-leroy age 5, 1951

The inevitable Davy Crockett era, 1953 

Opening night party for THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA

Chicago, pre-Broadway, 1961

Travis painted by Tennessee Williams.  Honest. 

BYE BYE BIRDIE hits the road, 1962 

With Jane Morgan and Urylee Leonardos (and her son Corky), THE KING AND I tour, 1963 

Barnaby in HELLO, DOLLY!,  1964 

With Marilyn Allen, prom night, 1965 

My first Hollywood composite, 1966 

THE TRIPPERS; Hollywood, 1966

Um... then THIS happened, 1967 

Waiting for the world to end with my bestest pal Gallimaufry

at my new Graciosa Drive house, Beachwood Canyon, 1968 

With Donovan and 'Maufry at the Renaissance Faire

Glorious Graciosa Days: With my late loves Pat Rumrill, Heather Abbis, and Gallimaufry Phydeoux

A long and historic half-century journey begins: 

HAIR opens at the Aquarius Theatre, LA 1968

At the pre-Woodstock Newport '69 Festival at Devonshire Downs

The beginning of an era:  

Travis & Victor,   November, 1969 to...

Travis and Victor on Venice Beach

With Jolie Jones, 1970

T & V in Nicholas Grippo's CHEATERS, 1971

and featured in Pat Rocco's EROTIKUS, 1973

Another milestone: The crazy Troubadour years begin!

My lifelong pals B.J. Cook and David Foster in the LA Troubadour dressing room

Opening up that Golden Gate 

A lifelong friendship begins:  Bette plays The Troubadour and

The Boarding House (San Francisco Troubadour North), 1972  

With Dale at home at 14th and Castro, SF

 Halloween, Boarding House, 1973:  Us as Us 50 years later … be careful what you wish for

With Ola Hudson at Ruth Pointer’s wedding; Sausalito, 1974

My photo of the sisters on Ruth's special day (dress by Ola)

Victor and our godson Saul "Slash" Hudson, age 8, 1974, SF 

From the wings: With Liza in Vegas at the Riviera

A Dane in Solvang, 1974 

 Back in LA for ROCKY HORROR SHOW, 1974

Making friends at the Kronhausen Museum of Erotic Art, SF, 1975 

Back to Hollywood: My new headshot

by Jonathan Exley, 1976 (age 31)

With Valerie Perrine, 1978 



Our "Villa Monte Vista," Live Oak Drive, Los Feliz, 1981 

The parenting years: David with Victor and me, perhaps not your ideal dads 

Our beloved "forever" home, Lake Arrowhead, 1982

 Renfield in DRACULA, Krossroads Theatre, 1983

Ken Talley in FIFTH OF JULY, 1984 (Inland Theatre League Best Actor Award) 

Back to work with the brilliant Ms. Rivera... Amos "Mr. Cellphane" Hart on tour in CHICAGO, 1985

HAIR revival, 1986... playing Woof, the same role I played in 1968!

Richie in BLEACHER BUMS, Century City Playhouse, 1987-88

Career defining: Paul David Buscemi’s THE BURRITO FROM HELL, 1988


With Larry Drake in DARKMAN, 1989... after four hours of makeup, any idea which Durant is me?

With my "frequent companion" Dawn Wells, 1991 

Deja vu: Directing BIRDIE, 1992 

With my gorgeous friend Diane McBain 

Thirty years later, this tux would fit over one thigh

Meeting Red Buttons press rep'ing NUNSENSE at the Westwood Playhouse (now the Geffen): A religious experience!

With Scott Cheek and Rurik, 1993 

Susan Exley and me with our godson Saul "Slash" Hudson at his VERY FIRST wedding, 1992 

The debut of my very first play, SURPRISE SURPRISE

starring Dawn and Scott, Victory Theatre Center, 1994

 Never stop laughing with my pal Jo Anne Worley

In our new home, Silverlake, 1996 

With our cherished Rebecca King Rosenberg; San Francisco, 1996