13MAR20:  Well, suddenly the term “CURRENT REVIEWS” has become oxymoronic as our world comes crashing down around us. Just when nothing could be more reassuring for me personally right now than the comfort and spiritual sustenance I have always gotten from live performance, virtually every one of the shows recently covered that would have stayed published here have, since my attendance, either been postponed indefinitely or the remainder of their runs have sadly been dumped altogether. Check any recently reviewed plays in my ARCHIVE section where they have been moved—albeit prematurely in a saner world.

And as for the next few weeks—hopefully not longer—every upcoming and excitedly anticipated opening night here in ol’ Lost Angeles has been cancelled. These include tonight’s return of Hamilton  at the Pantages, this weekend’s debut of Sondheim’s seldom-produced Passion  at the Boston Court and Cocteau’s surely one-of-a-kind Orphee  from Deaf West at the Odyssey. Next week’s opening of Romantics Anonymous  will not happen at the Wallis, nor will East-West Players’ unique mounting of Sondheim’s Assassins.  There’s even news today from PRT and Alley Mills that the upcoming memorial planned to celebrate the life of her wonderful husband Orson Bean has been called off.

More? Lots. Gone (for now?) are The Art Couple  from Sacred Fools as part of CTG’s Block Party 2020 at the Douglas, Man of God  at the Geffen, The Antipodes  with Arye Gross at the Taper, SpongeBob the Musical  at the Dolby, as well as stalled productions at the Victory, South Coast Rep, La Jolla Playhouse, Santa Barbara’s Ensemble Theatre, Antaeus, Playwrights’ Arena, PRT, the Road, and many, many others—and for the more intimate small theatre companies already struggling to stay afloat anyway, this could prove to be an insurmountable development.

And from my beloved New Orleans, where all my friends joke they are immune to The Plague because of all the alcohol they traditionally consume, I just received word that the annual Tennessee Williams Literary Festival (as well as the concurrent Saints+Sinners Fest) has been called off for the first time in its 34-year history, so I guess we’re not going anywhere in two weeks after all—even canceling our hotel in time for a return of my deposit, the concierge said I was one of lots of people to do so.

Also from N'awlins comes news from Bryan Batt that his much-anticipated upcoming run starring in The King's Speech  at Hartford Stage has been scraped and, closer to home, Loyola University New Orleans' gorgeously-designed revival of Cabaret,  directed by Bryan and his husband Tom Cianfichi, has just been canceled.   

O, dear Terpsichore, make the world normal again. As for all of us, beside the sorely-needed and quick rebirth of live theatre, concerts and other music venues, sporting events, and educational institutions, I want to see a quick and total end to this shit—and I desperately hope it takes down the fake presidency of our slimy and dangerously reckless Ignoramus-in-Chief and his entire soulless administration in its wake.

Aside from the loss of income and, of course more sorrowfully, any loss of life, to somehow to see the Traitor Tot disappear from our daily existences almost could be seen as a silver lining right now.


 Stay well, my droogies!