Travis' Ancient and/or Not for Sale Art 

 [But don’t be afraid to ask]

[Everyone has a price]

 [Especially me.]

Victor at the Golden Gate, painted in 2017 from my 1972 photo 

BRINGING MY BRICK ALONG:  Self-portrait, San Francisco, painted in 2020 From a 1973 photo

”I’m like the man who brings a brick along / To show the world what his house was like.”   — Bertolt Brecht 

Penny Stallings and Barry Secunda at Bayou St. John, New Orleans, painted from my 2010 photo in 2014


Self-portrait on the steps of Marie Laveau's house, 1020 Rue St. Ann, New Orleans, 2017 

Sarah and John Nybo, White Sands, New Mexico, 2019 


Christian Nybo in 2020, left, and his father Tommy forty years earlier in 1980, both wearing the same fireman’s helmet and seated on the same log in the Nybos’ backyard in Downers Grove, Illinois

Phoenix Rising:  Jer Adrianne Lelliott, 2018 

DESTINATIONS, inspired by Uta Hagen, 1967 

URBAN COWBOY: Alvin and Hugh at Sunset Ranch, Mt. Hollywood, 2017 


THE HENDERSONS WILL ALL BE THERE:  The Bryce-Gilbert Family, Xmas, 2018

Commissioned by Taylor Gilbert for her husband Ian Bryce and their family, recreating their graphically-enhanced Xmas card, 2020 

DESI — Desmond Morgan Huseth, commissioned by his grandmother, me ol’ pal of our cradle days Julie Cobb, 2020. And what a pedigree! The kid’s great-grandfathers were Harry Morgan and Lee J. Cobb!

591 Hillcrest Avenue, Elmhurst, Illinois; commissioned by Laurie Vonder Gardner, 2017 

"Qin Shi Huang Di de Bing," Xi'An, China; commissioned by Roxanne Kasten, 2018

"Scott Free," 1995 

Sherry, 1967 

Victor & Travis; San Francisco, 1973 

Victor, 1971 

 “Sailing Away,” 1995

Victor, 1972

"Man with Fish," 1967, from my 1965 linoleum block print

And in the beginning:  Art from my teen years... 

In a life class over a summer at the Art Institute of Chicago, age 14 

Themed national contest winner of some kind, age 16 

My first oil: Rudolf Nureyev, who inspired me in such a SPECIAL way, age 17

The inimitable Hermione Gingold during our time in OH DAD, POOR DAD... age 19


One thing I always intended to do was paint my dear friend and mentor Leon Katz and, on January 23, 2017 when Leon passed at age 97, I felt as though I missed an opportunity to do so and share with him, through my art, my love and appreciation for Leon’s intelligence, his wit, his passion to be an outsider in the best possible way, and above all, his enormous heart. I’ll always be sad Leon never lived to see the portrait I soon after created that graced the program cover for Dr. Katz's memorial at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles in June, 2017, but I sure hope the great man would be proud.