TRAVI$$ ART FOR $$ALE - Collection Five 

My shop at is StudioFourTen BUT! Wanna see what's for sale? Here 'tis. Almost everything, unless stated otherwise, is acrylic on canvas painted from my own (and some vintage) photographs. Anybody checking it out interested in purchasing any of my work, please contact me here at my CONTACT THLA page. 


Created in Quarantravis homage to the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club and the North Side Skull & Bones krewes who so energize my sorely missed second home New Orleans at Mardi Gras time, but then I was immedaitely asked and commissioned to make two more. So this one is not for sale, made with some rather cherished pieces of previously worthless stockpiled trash that was special to me, if only for the lengthy period of time during which I had saved it and always wondered if I was nuts to do so.

BUT! I will make your own handy-dandy signed and dated Voodoo Ken with equally unique eclectic found objects for $500.00

I can even use your own or some of your own saved trash to help you feel hoarding it was not in vain!

(Shipping on Voodoo Ken only: $12)

One of seven pages of my art... check out the other six! 


Paintings on canvas (including insurance):

16 x 20:  $25   /   18 x 24:  $65

Clients in Los Angeles:  Lunch