Dusk over Hogwarts, Universal City, photographed from NYFA, 2016 

Some of my fave-rave N'awlins photos...

Meterie Cemetery, New Orleans, 2007 

Ninth Ward, 2007 

Bourbon and Toulouse, 2008 

Tenn's favorite:  Café Lafitte in Exile, French Quarter, 2008 

Jackson Square, 2007 

Marie Laveau's house on Rue St. Ann, 2017 

Penny's 'hood, River Garden view, 2008 

View down Bourbon past Dumaine from our Bourbon Orleans garret window, 2017 

"Goalpost Jesus," St. Louis Cathedral, 2017 

Christo's Gates, Central Park, NYC; 2005 

Vadim Memling, the Parisian lad who made me miss my plane; Central Park, 2005 

Ganymede, my muse: A photographic journey, 2013... ?