Memories:  2016 to mid-2018 

 "All great men are dead and I'm not feeling too well myself."    -- Mark Twain

With our bosom buddy  Joey Arias 

 Teaching at NYFA since 2011 and still enjoying the ride

With Hugh's amazing family, visiting from New Mexico; Memorial Day, 2016 

With my best besties Penny Stallings and Barry Secunda 

Pals o' my cradle days Susan Exley and Robyn Cosio 

I want to be Alan Mandell when I grow up. 

Or Bill Brochtrup, time being relative and all 

How kewl to arrange an evening for my mentor-ee cast of RENT to meet the original Roger and Mark, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, at Catalina Jazz Club; October, 2016

 Thanksgiving Day McCadden Placers, 2016

HAIR at NYFA:  Fuck you, Margaret Mead!

Yikes... 48 years after the original and still an incredibly exciting and meaningful experience

A tad overdue?  Victor and I get married in Vegas, December 20, 2016 

 With our witness and longtime partner-in-crime Misty Carlisle

 The Bellagio Atrium: simply the most festive place in LV


New Orleans; January-February, 2017 

With the amazing Kirsten Vangsness 

My Ganymede's new headshot by his Zuesy 

 Cirque du Soleil meets The Rocky Horror Show at ABSINTHE LAS VEGAS

With our beloved kids Genji and Kenmore; March, 2017

With my brilliant cast of STUPID FUCKING BIRD; NYFA, May, 2017 

With me ol' pal of our cradle days Julie Cobb at our memorial for Leon Katz; June, 2017 

Move over, misters Warhol, Hockney, and Basquiat! My painting of my pal, legendary art world doyenne Joan Agaginian Quinn and her late husband Jack joins one of the most celebrated art collections in the world!

With my gifted New York Film Academy BFA scene study class performing their final: A Night of 20th-Century Foundational Playwrights at the Hudson Theatre; September, 2017

French Quarter; September, 2017 

N'awlins reunion with my cousin Roxanne Kasten  

My NOLA family Ray Owl, Delta, Heady, and Blythe Dwyer 

ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST;  Broad Stage, Santa Monica, October 2017 

With CUCKOO'S NEST's amazing Nurse Rat-Shit, Nancy Travis 

...and Tyler Ritter as our b-b-brilliant B-B-Billy B-B-Bibbitt 

In Earl Hamner's 1962 TWILIGHT ZONE episode A PIANO IN THE HOUSE at Ensemble Theatre Company of Santa Barbara: Dana White, Chris Carter (creator of THE X-FILES) as our resident Rod Serling, Joe Spano, Joseph Fugua, Gregory Harrison, Lily Nicksay, John Bennett Perry, accompanist Kent Rollins, director Jenny Sullivan, and... me!

With me ol' friend Greg quickly 30 years go POOF! 

I told Chris Carter he must explain this to his wife 

I loves me my Jenny Sullivan! 

Thanksgiving, 2017 

1st/48th anniversary; Mirage, Las Vegas, December 20, 2017 

JAN - FEB, 2018: Watching my Ganymede fall in love with New Orleans 

With the amazing Lisa Wolpe 

My Tennessee Williams/New Orleans artwork on exhibit at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center in Pasadena, running concurrently with A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE 

Reunion with Breanda Russell at THE COLOR PURPLE 

Wet in San Francisco with our dear friends in from Brussels, Megan Beard and Elise Haultecoeur; April, 2018